The civil trial reform: a focus on family and children

On June 22, 2022, a significant section of Delegated Law No. 206/2021 went into effect. Numerous reforms affect children and family law, a key area of civil cases. To talk about it is Maura Magni, president and managing partner of BMV, in the article she wrote for 4cLegal.

" Along with the revision of the civil process, the Law fully reforms the jurisdiction of the rights of family relations, persons and minors and the rules of procedure of the family rite, establishing the Court for Persons, for Minors and for Families and unifying the many rites that exist today into a single rite, as family lawyers have been asking for a long time in order to be able to overcome the inconsistency and discrimination given by the disparity of procedures and, therefore, of rights," Magni writes. 

Among the reforms of immediate application is the new version of the Article 403 of the Civil Code regarding the separation of the minor, which provides for the introduction of an articulated judicial review of this procedure, adequate and stringent timeframes for action, and the hearing of the parties and the minor. Others will be implemented over the next two years until the entire reform is in place by 2025. 

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Civil trial reform: focus on family and children - Maura Magni

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